Untitled (2023) Renaissance flute and electronics. c. 15′
For Jonty Coy (flautist, NL). Supported by APRA AMCOS and the Australian Music Centre.

Untitled (2022) Symphony Orchestra.
Commission for the West Australian Medical Students’ Orchestra.


Still Life (2022) by Kate Milligan - Graphic Score

Still Life (2022, pictured) Solo Kingma System flute. Graphic Score.
Commission for Saskia Willinge (WA).

Diluvium (2022) – Percussion (Timpani, Singing Bowls) and prepared piano. Animated Score.


Lux Levis (2021) — Violin, piano, and electronics. c. 6’30”
Commission for Josef Hanna (violinist, VIC), The Australian National Academy of Music (The ANAM Set).

Threads of Insomnia (2021) Percussion, piano, viola, cello, and electronics (tape). c. 9′
Written for the Summers Night Project.

Migrations (2019) — String quartet, flute quartet, tape, conductor. c. 9’30”
Commission for the Perth Orchestra Project.

If I Told Him (2019) — Flute, clarinet, viola, cello, percussion, electronics.
Commission for Tura New Music/Decibel New Music Ensemble.

Behind Closed Doors (2018) — Baroque flute, electronics. c. 5’30”

Impressions I,II (2017) — Clarinet, snare drum, electronics. c. 10′
Code by James Bradbury (UK). Text score.

Dunes (2017) — String quartet, soprano. Graphic score.

Preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray (2016) 14-piece chamber orchestra.
Witten for the Western Australian Symphony Orchestra (Young & Emerging Artists Composition Project).

Three Small Exegeses (2015) Wind Quartet.

The Wonderland Suite (2015) Wind Quintet.


Hāgâ (2018) — Detuned zither, tape. Text score. c. 6′

Preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray (2016 rev. 2017) Solo piano. c. 4′

Axes (2015) Solo piano. Graphic Score.

Jekyll and Hyde (2015) Solo Trumpet in C.


GLOMESH (2020) Video / Tape. c. 5′
Watch here.

Metropolis (Original Score) (2015) Tape. c. 5′

Deep Space (2015) Tape. c. 4′


Laudato Si’ (2016) Romantic orchestra. c. 5′