For snare drum, bass clarinet, and live electronics.
This work was premiered at my graduation recital on the 10th November, 2017, at the Callaway Auditorium, The University of Western Australia. Performed by Eljo Agenbach (bass clarinet), Ben Greene (snare drum), and Kate Milligan (electronics). Code by James Bradbury (DE). Text score.
Full duration: 10 minutes.

This piece samples from the speeches of a broad range of Australian public figures. The highly politicized content of the speeches, however, is shrouded. In this way, Impressions asks many questions pertaining to the politicization of art, and the role of music as a medium in our society. The ‘conversation’ of the vocal and instrumental components may be read as symbolic of the ways in which music can shape public opinion and action, and vice versa.

In this work, the performer’s response to the audio is totally improvised, and this, combined with the randomization processes of the four mono speakers, situates the audience in a bubble of present-awareness. Thoughts about the subjective experience of the present – and particularly the philosophies of Husserl that touch on this subject – manifest in an investigation into formal non- linearity in this work. In this way, Impressions takes inspiration from the structural characteristics of ambient music, and resembles the soundworld of musique concrète.