Tactus (2024) — Audio-visual work for renaissance flute and electronics. c. 20’

The Forecast (2023) — Notational sculpture (projection, water, acrylic).

Crossings (2023)  Site-specific, generative sound design. c. 90'

Depth Sounding (2023)  Flag. Digital Print on silk. 183 x 91 cm.

Visions | Vestiges (2023)  Notational sculpture (antique wood, handblown glass, water, iPad).

Spin Systems in Spatial Audio (2023) — Generative electronics in third-order ambisonics.

Nocturne II (2022)  Projected moving image, generative audio, bioluminescent algae.

GLOMESH (2020)  Moving Image / Tape. c. 5'

Metropolis (Original Score) (2015)  Musique Concrète. c. 5'


The Forecast (2023) — Performance-installation for alto flute, viola, percussion (water gong, coin chimes, prepared vibraphone), live electronics (spatial), coins, and wishing well.

Visions | Vestiges (2023)  Performance-installation for bass clarinet, cello, percussion, electronics, and sculpture (antique wood, handblown glass). c. 16'30"

Threads of Insomnia (2021)  Percussion, piano, viola, cello, and electronics (tape). c. 9'.

Migrations (2019) — String quartet, flute quartet, tape, conductor. c. 9'30"

If I Told Him (2019) — Flute, clarinet, viola, cello, percussion, electronics. c. 9'

Impressions I,II (2017) — Clarinet, snare drum, electronics. c. 10'

Dunes (2017) — String quartet, soprano. Graphic score. c. 6'

Preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray (2016)  14-piece chamber orchestra.

The Wonderland Suite (2015) Wind quintet.


Tactus (2024) — Audio-visual work for renaissance flute and electronics. c. 20'

Nocturne I (2022) — Solo tam-tam. Graphic Score.

Still Life (2022) — Solo Kingma System flute. Graphic Score.

Lux Levis (2021) — Violin, piano, and electronics. c. 6'30".

Behind Closed Doors (2018) — Baroque flute, electronics. c. 5'30"

Hāgâ (2018) — Detuned zither, tape. Text score. c. 6'

Preface to The Picture of Dorian Gray (2016 rev. 2017)  Solo piano. c. 4'

Axes (2015)  Solo piano. Graphic Score.

Jekyll and Hyde (2015)  Solo Trumpet in C.


Glitchmas (2023) SATB Choir.


Everything’s Gonna Be OK (2022) — Large Ensemble, no fixed instrumentation.


The Tower (Sound Design) for an exhibition by Yun Park: Fragments of Babel (Post Territory Ujeongguk, Seoul, 18th June — 6th July, 2024). Supported by Arts Council Korea.

Red Earth Mine (Deform/Reform) for percussion and classical guitar. Commissioned by Paul Tanner and Jonathan Fitzgerald.

Independent Research in Experimental Music Notation (Generative Water Graphics). Supported by Arts Council England: June — September 2024.